Ahmed Ali Butt has revealed that he lost a whopping 25kgs over a period of six months.

Talking to Vasay Chaudhry during his show Ghabrana Mana Hai, Butt opened up on his weight loss journey besides talking about his marriage and upcoming projects.

“The isolation period during COVID-19 helped me a lot in my weight loss journey,” shared Butt. “After Ramadan, I started fasting regularly for a few months. It became an effective and helpful cycle for me.”


“It took six or seven months to reduce my weight but when I came in [the] public after losing 15kg weight, everyone was shocked,” said the actor further, adding that he has “lost 25kgs weight till now”.

Butt also talked about his experience of shooting for an international Punjabi film Phatte Dinde Chakk Punjabi, saying that it was amazing. The actor also revealed that he has signed another movie, hinting that he will be doing a serious role in his upcoming project.

Talking about his marriage, Butt shared that he and his wife Fatima were in a long-distance relationship for over nine years.

“We were great friends and then we were together for nine years,” he told Chaudhry. “She was in London, I was here so we just used to stay connected via calls. It was a very expensive relationship! But after nine years, we got married and have been married for seven years now.”

Butt also shared that he has known his wife for 20 years. The couple together have a son Azaan.

When the host asked him about the time he was caught red-handed by his wife, Butt said: “She usually catches me.”

“Red-handed. I’ve been caught red-handed twice,” he laughed. To this, Chaudhry asked: “Doing what?” and Butt replied: “I won’t tell you that!”

In response, Chaudhry remarked: “It’s better to clarify before you are caught in a very Naumaan Ijaz moment.”

To which Butt said: “I don’t think that would happen cause I never stare at other women. But I had these old messages on my phone that she [my wife] saw.”