Ahsan Khan’s 4-year-old clip has once again come to life, as the #BritishAsian hashtag started to appear on Twitter’s trending list. In the video which was recorded in 2018, the actor flaunted a British accent and presented himself as a “British-Asian actor” who lives “here and there”.

Khan was in London for the International Pakistan Prestige Awards, where he received the ‘Star Of The Year’ award and spoke at multiple media interviews.

He voiced several excellent observations, and many people appreciated what he said about Pakistan’s growing drama industry.


The BBC also covered the ceremony, questioning PEMRA’s ruling (at that time) regarding our productions being “too bold”. Khan stressed the importance of using our shows to address Pakistani moral codes and cultural challenges.

He highlighted how there should be a clear distinction between exaggeration and depicting reality.

Besides the appreciation the actor received, the netizens could not resist noting something unusual about his accent during these interviews. The #BritishPakistani posts comprising Ahsan Khan’s quotes have once again flooded social media.

Trolling has become more common than ever before on the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and others. Celebrities are often the victim of this troll brigade. Every gesture, every position, and every picture published by celebrities is critiqued, from their attire to their accent.

Ahsan Khan is best known for his roles in Udaari, Aangan, and Dastaan. For his act in Chupan Chupai, he was also nominated for Lux Style Awards for the ‘Best Film Actor’ in 2018. He currently hosts ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan’, a talk show that was previously fined Rs50,000 by PEMRA for using animals as props.