Singer Ali Zafar and his brother Danny Zee released a rap song on September 22 titled ‘Sushi // Woofer Paar De!’, featuring the rapper Mykko Montana. However, the internet isn’t really feeling the vibe this time. The song is going viral on social media with many users criticising the lyrics as “cringey”, particularly a line rapped by Daniyal that says, “I nut so thick she burpin'”.

A user on X posted a screenshot of the music video with this lyric and wrote: “as if danyal zafar couldn’t get more disgusting …”

Soon, several other users joined in and expressed their distaste.


“i nut so thick she burpin” is a horrendous bar and he should be locked up just for that”, wrote a user.

Users began sharing other lyrics they found horrendous on the same tweet.