Actress Nazish Jahangir landed herself in an unintended hot mess when she was asked on Instagram about a possible marriage to Babar Azam. She was asked that if the top-order batsman proposed to her what would she do. She said she wouldn’t want to marry Azam.

After receiving criticism from the cricket player’s devoted fanbase on social media, the ‘Berukhi’ actor explained in the following statement, “Babar bhai hum sab k bhai hain but un k fans MA dil khol k negativity phila rahy hain’ (Babar is like a brother to us but his fans are spreading this negativity). I have nothing to do with cricketers, all are bros to me tbh [to be honest],” she added.

“I have no problem with cricketers, and I don’t make any comments or judgments about them, so please keep your negativity to yourself,” she wrote on her Instagram account.


The recent controversy came up a few days after Jahangir stated that she wouldn’t marry anyone from the entertainment industry. She emphasised that she would prefer from someone from outside Pakistan. She mentioned, “I’ve never really thought about it, but if I have the choice, I’d like to settle abroad after marriage, whether it’s in the USA, Dubai, Canada, or even London.”