The catchphrase, “just looking like a wow” trending nowadays is actually a very interesting sales pitch by Jasmeen Kaur, the owner of “Design Machine Suits” in Delhi with a total of 649K followers on Instagram. In her jubilant and enthusiastic style, she presents her really colourful, traditional dresses in live sessions and reels.

Jasmeen runs a small business in Delhi. She jumped on the bandwagon of live streaming and using social media for growing sales. In one of those live streams, she was seen wearing a flamboyant yellow dress, pitching it to be the best ever choice for girls to wear by saying, “…so beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow” as she goes on to explain the sizes and colours available. The phrase was picked up by celebrities around the world and has become a pop-culture reference for netizens since then.

Ms Kaur has since then become a social media personality, giving interviews and boosting her business to the fullest. She sees this stroke of luck as an outcome of her long struggle of 23 years.


On Instagram, the audio clip has been recreated 477K times reaching millions of views especially created by celebrities. From Deepika to Ranveer, celebrities are using the phrase. The numbers are no less on TikTok. Thousands of videos have been created solely because it feels good and relatable. Yashraj Mukhate famous for his own musical stints, also posted his version of looking like a wow which has been liked by more than half a million until now.

Videos are trending on social media with the audio of, “so toxic, so negative, just looking like a jao,” amassing thousands of views on Instagram and TikTok but nothing beats the simplicity with which Jasmeen carries herself. There is innovation in her style as she comes up with unique colours’ names like laddu peela, mouse grey and bengani purple.