Rapper Marcus Morton (who goes by his stage name redveil) has gone viral for a recent performance at a concert.

The rapper was performing at Camp Flog Gnaw, one of the biggest music festivals of America, when he broke off from singing to make a meaningful gesture.

The rapper took a moment to display the names of all Palestinians toddlers who were killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, where now more than 12,000 civilians have died. The named ended with the display of the website ceasefiretoday.com, which provides a list of ways Americans can pressurise their governments to end the genocide of Gaza.


‘It’s not complicated, don’t let no body tell you that s***,” Marcus was seen telling the crowd. “Go to this f***ing website right now, call your reps, demand a f***ing ceasefire.”

X (formerly Twitter) users celebrated redveil’s solidarity to the Palestinian liberation movement, declaring him to be the sole musician who took a stand despite knowing it could have affected his career.

“This is unprecedented. That moment we’d been waiting for; that cultural shift which delegitimizes Israel and will lead to it’s dismantling; of unapologetic calls for liberation— is upon us. Who would’ve imagined such crowds in the US screaming Free Palestine even 5 years ago?!”

More class and morality than Rihanna, Beyonce, and Tiffany Hadish compiled.

“The bar for artists has been massively raised,” praised several activists.