Amid tensions with India over the Kashmir crisis, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is expected to soon sign a deal with Egypt for the purchase of 36 upgraded Dassault Mirage-V combat aircraft, The News International has reported.

According to reports, the two countries have been negotiating the contract for years and now the final one may see the light of day as PAF wants these fighter jets to strengthen its existing squadron of jets.

The 36 Mirage-V resemble India’s Mirage 2000 in terms of delta wing design and have the ability to perform night strikes with mission pods and helmet-mounted display.


The Mirage V is a dedicated ground-attack variant of the Mirage-III, with greater space for fuel in place of avionics.

Pakistan has been acquiring retired Mirage-III and Mirage-V from Egypt and Australia and presses the aircraft into service after upgrading them with modern Italian radars and other electronics.