The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) carried out three operations on Tuesday in Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta, where they were successful in recovering 280 kg of drugs and apprehending six suspects, along with a woman.

111 kg of drugs, including 64.8 kg of Chars and 46.8 kg of opium, were found in a vehicle during an operation near the Motorway Toll Plaza in Islamabad, according to a spokesman for ANF Headquarters. Three suspects, Hamad, Qaiser, and a girl named Shumaila were also detained.

Another operation was carried out by ANF Peshawar near Gora Qabristan, G.T. Road Peshawar, and 108 kg of opium and 38.4 kg of charras were seized from a Kia Sportage vehicle.


Imran Ashraf, another suspect, was captured by the raiding group, and a gun was found in his hands. In the third operation, two motorcycle riders named Saifullah and Bismillah were in possession of 22 kg of charras when an ANF raid was conducted on Samungli Road in Quetta.