The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) seized ice drug-infused bed sheets that were being smuggled to Australia during a raid at a courier service office in Lahore. Muhammad Asad, a Muzaffarabad resident, placed the order for the package.

Along with detaining one accused person, ANF was able to recover over 102 kg of drugs in two other operations.

ANF Intelligence carried out a raid on GT Road in Akora Khattak, according to a spokesman for the ANF Headquarters, and confiscated 102 kg of drugs, including 84 kg of hashish and 18 kg of opium, from a truck’s hidden compartments.


A suspect named Zaib Gul, resident of Mansehra, was also detained by the ANF. The accused’s accomplices would also face imprisonment, according to ANF official.

The suspects have been charged in separate cases, and additional inquiries are being conducted.

in the wake of rising drug cases, the ANF has been quite active in recent months, carrying out several operations around the nation and making it nearly impossible to smuggle drugs.