Apple has traditionally released four iPhone models annually — Mini, Standard, Pro, and Pro Max. However, last year the Mini was replaced with a Plus model and this lineup is expected to remain the same this year.

According to a report from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, Apple plans to revamp its lineup in 2024 and introduce an iPhone Ultra, which is said to be a top-of-the-line device more powerful than the Pro Max. This means that the iPhone 16 series will feature this new model from the Cupertino-based company.

According to recent reports, the highly anticipated iPhone Ultra model will not replace the Pro Max in the current iPhone lineup. Instead, both the Pro Max and the new Ultra model are expected to be part of the next year’s iPhone offerings.



The iPhone Ultra, rumored to feature a titanium build, offers a distinct selling point in a market dominated by devices built with alternative materials. While the use of titanium is expected to bring a premium feel to the device, it may also result in a higher price point.

In addition to its superior build, the iPhone Ultra is expected to come equipped with several hardware upgrades, including improved camera capabilities, a faster processing chip, a larger display, and possibly a portless design, eliminating the need for a Lightning or USB-C port. These cutting-edge features position the iPhone Ultra as a standout device in a highly competitive market.