For years, rumours have circulated that Apple is working on a self-driving electric car. The company’s troublesome “Project Titan” is described in-depth in a recent article, along with several intriguing facts about its design, such as the absence of a steering wheel.

A comprehensive article about Apple’s multi-year effort to create a self-driving automobile was published by The Information.

The majority of it records information that everyone following “Project Titan” already knows, however, the article also contains some fresh information about the car’s design and difficulties.



Autonomous vehicles still need to be able to hand over control to people in order to be safe, and they have frequently done so in tests. The study lists numerous instances of this occurring with Titan.

The most intriguing aspect is that Apple is attempting to obtain approval from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration so that it may release the car without a steering wheel or brake pedals, fully committing it to be a self-driving vehicle.

Another unique element of the project is the seating arrangement concepts from Apple designers. The most recent design has four chairs that face inward, placing passengers face-to-face. Additionally, designers are considering allowing passengers to lie down and sleep.

A level 5 Apple automobile has been in development for about ten years, but it won’t likely be released to the public for some time. Hyundai was a potential partner for Apple in the past, but discussions ceased in February of last year.

Project manager Doug Field departed Apple in September of last year to work for Ford, which made the delays much worse.