Actors, especially female actors, receiving inappropriate and suggestive messages is nothing new. While earlier female actors would brush such messages under the carpet, recently they’ve started sharing them and are naming and shaming those who send them.

Armeena Khan, who is the latest to open about this, recently shared a screenshot of an inappropriate message she received and her husband, Fesl Khan’s “savage” response to it.

In the message, a man who introduced himself as a Dubai-based businessman told Armeena that he came across her profile and thought that she was “so pretty” before going onto request her to meet him in Dubai after corona issue.


In reponse to the message, Armeena’s husband, Fesl replied and said: “This is Fesl Khan, Armeena Khan’s husband. I saw your message and I too like your profile picture and want to meet you. We don’t even have to wait till after the corona. I have it and as a good Muslim I’m taught to share. I’d love to share the corona with you.”