Pakistani singer Arooj Aftab has exciting news for her fans. She’s releasing her first music video for the song ‘Raat Ki Rani.’ And guess what? It’s directed by Tessa Thompson, the famous American actor known for playing Valkyrie in Marvel movies. This is her first time directing a music video, adding to the excitement.

Aftab made the announcement on her Instagram, posting a casual black and white photo with Thompson. “Raat Ki Rani is my first music video ever, and you get to see Tessa Thompson as your favorite film director on earth.”

Aftab also shared her thoughts on Thompson, saying, “Her work and her personality are incredibly inspiring and strong. This project is really special to both of us. I am extremely thankful. And the music video will be released tomorrow.”


In response to Aftab’s heartfelt announcement, the star from Creed shared the post on her own Instagram Story. She added a touching note, saying, “This caption touched my heart. Love you, my debut sis, Arooj Aftab. Thank you for trusting me.” The music video will premiere on April 18 at 6:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time.

‘Raat Ki Rani’ is a big moment for Aftab. She became famous worldwide with her Grammy-winning song Mohabbat.
Next, Aftab will perform at the famous Glastonbury Festival in London this June.