Senior journalist and anchorperson Arshad Sharif died on Sunday night in Kenya in a reported shooting incident. His wife Javeria Siddique, confirmed the news.

Arshad was born in Karachi on February 22, 1973.


Arshad Sharif’s father Commander Muhammad Sharif was in the Navy and died of a heart attack in May 2011. His younger brother, Major Ashraf Sharif, served in the army and was killed on his way to attend the funeral of their father in May 2011.



Arshad Sharif has five children, one daughter and four boys. He was married to Journalist Javeria Siddiqui. Arshad Sharif’s mother is alive.


Arshad did his BA from Government Gordon Graduate College Rawalpindi. He did a degree in Business of Administration from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. His Masters was in Media Studies from Ulster University.


He specialised in investigative journalism and covered many political events in the country for national and international news organisations, including in the United Kingdom.

Sharif was the host of the programme ‘Power Play’ on ARY News. He served on AAJ News as News Director. Prior to joining AAJ, he was leading the news team of Dunya News as Director News, and was the host of program ‘Kyun’.

In 2011, he worked in Dawn News as Bureau Chief in that capacity. His first media job was working for a weekly journal called Pulse.

In 1999, he contributed to the publication as a writer, a reporter, and as the managing editor. In 1999, Arshad Sharif became a member of The News, and in 2001, he joined Daily Dawn.


He was the recipient of Pride of Performance Award in 2019 by the President of Pakistan.