Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) in collaboration with House Ltd and Highlight Arts observed World Day against the Death Penalty by organising an evening marked by riveting live performances by artists.

The event, titled We’ve Been Waiting for You, was attended by a large number of students, artists, enthusiasts, the legal fraternity and members of the civil society.

11 artists put up live performances around the themes of death penalty, confinement and isolation in detention using their bodies. The artistes explored the idea of how prisoners saw themselves and how the outside world saw them. All performances took place side by side in different rooms of Bari Studios in Lahore.


The performances were curated by Natasha Jozi and Ryan Van Winkle was the creative director. Performers included Mariam Waheed, Kanwal Tariq, Ahmed Khan, Baqir Ahmedi and Fatima Butt.

JPP is a non-profit organisation based in Lahore that represents Pakistani prisoners facing harsh punishments at home and abroad. One of its key areas of work is to highlight human rights violations through public engagement campaigns, including documentary films, theatre and public art exhibitions.