Street crime in Karachi has been on an alarming rise since the beginning of the year and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has voiced its concern on the matter.

Once known as the city of lights, Karachi has long been the victim of street crimes and the breakdown of law and order, making the lives of common people difficult.

In 2023, over 90,000 crimes were reported in the metropolitan city which was, unfortunately, an increased number as compared to 2022 when 80,000 crimes were registered.


As per the reports, out of 90,000 incidents a total of 134 citizens were brutally murdered, hundreds injured over resisting robberies, while 411 civilians were killed in various incidents.

HRCP released a statement on X saying, “The first quarter of 2024 has followed the same pattern. While vigilantism and increased brutality in response by citizens is not the answer, the government’s failure to address rising crime levels is shocking.”

It further stated that the core reasons for this upward tick in crimes have always been “unemployment” and “economic desperation” which must be urgently addressed to restore law and order in the city.