Asim Azhar, Hadiqa Kiani and Shaan have requested Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood to postpone the upcoming papers and give students and their parents some relief.

“Please think of our children,” said Kiani. “We must find an alternative plan that doesn’t put them in danger.”

She added that she “an advocate for education” and prays that he son goes on and achieves a PhD.


“But this is just not the way,” said the singer.

Similarly, Azhar said: “Sir, it would be unfair to hold exams in such circumstances! Please find a solution.”

The singer further said: “Students have really been disturbed due to the ongoing pandemic causing the institutes to close and open again and again.”

“I personally know some students that haven’t been able to complete their syllabuses as well,” he asserted.

Addressing students, Asim said that he understands their pain because if he wasn’t a full-time musician, he would also be going through the same stress.

“I understand your stress and pain guys. Agar abhi music nahi kar raha hota tou mai bhi ro raha hota exams ko leke iss waqt.. so I understand,” said Asim, adding: “I am sure Shafqat Mahmood will stand with the youth and find the best solution possible.”

Shaan, on the other hand, brought up another issue, saying: “Honourable minister must give relief to parents who are suffering from not just the pandemic but the private school mafias as well.”

“Change was your slogan and patience is all we have till now,” he added.

The veteran actor further said: “Elm bohat bari dolat Hai… agar yaqeen na aye to private school kai malikaan sai pooch lain.”

Demanding teacher-assessed grades, dozens of students of the Cambridge International Education (CIE) system staged a protest outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on April 2 against the O’ and A’ Level examinations scheduled to be held in April and May. Multiple protests also took place across the country against the exams, including one in Lahore.

After studying online for the whole year, the protesting students said that they would not appear for tests in classrooms. The students and their parents demanded the federal government to cancel the CIE examinations in light of the pandemic and asked for marking to be done on the basis of teacher-assessed grades.

However, Mahmood on Tuesday announced that examinations across the country will be held from the third week of May, adding that Cambridge exams will be held as per schedule.

“Decisions regarding exams are final,” said Mahmood. “Students should start preparing and working hard.”

Meanwhile, A-level exams are scheduled at the end of April, while the O-level exams are slated to begin on May 10.