Asim Azhar was reportedly dropped from the country’s latest pop music platform because he was “too young”.

According to reports doing the rounds on social media, Asim, who was initially going to be a part of the platform, was eliminated from VELO Sound Station because he was too young to endorse nicotine. The singer is 24 years old.

“Azhar recorded two songs for the outlet but the company decided not to release his tracks, excluding him because of his age,” stated the report. “Apparently you have to be 25 or above to promote nicotine as per their internal legal requirement, [even though] the government allows 18 and above.”


Azhar and the show’s Executive Producer Bilal Maqsood have refused to comment on the matter as for now.

VELO Sound Station has been making waves on social media for its quirky renditions of classic pop songs.

Meanwhile, Azhar recently released the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBGM) anthem Khelta Ja. The video has collected over three million views on YouTube, marking another milestone in the singer’s career.

Meanwhile, the Oscar winner director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy said that no one should be endorsing nicotine products at any age.