The Mumbai Police has finished their interrogation of the people who shot at Bollywood star Salman Khan’s house.

According to reports from Indian media, the two gunmen who fired at Salman Khan’s house in Mumbai’s Bandra area were caught in Bhoj, Gujarat. Both of them are from Bihar area in Gujarat state.

Unit 9 of India’s Crime Branch completed the investigation and gave the report to the local court, revealing that the gunmen wanted to kill the Bollywood superstar. After opening fire, they threw their guns into the Surat river.


Now, the police want the court to keep the two suspects for 14 days to find out who planned the attack. Earlier, the suspects were already with the police for nine days.

The suspects told the police they shot at Salman Khan’s house because gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who’s in jail, paid them to do it.
The police told the media the suspects didn’t want to hurt Salman Khan or his family, but to scare people.