Atif Aslam is creating waves with his latest single Raat.

The music video of the song walks the viewer through the journey of a striving artist – making it big and subsequently losing everything else in the process. It features Syra Yousuf, Kiran Malik Mansha Pasha, Gohar Rasheed and Khalid Malik.

As the song commences, we see Khalid introducing Atif as Asif as he doesn’t know his name in the first ‘dimension’. In this phase, Atif is a struggling artist, hoping to make it big in the entertainment industry. The scene then shifts towards the next dimension where we are introduced to an Atif who has made it big. Looking dapper in a well-fitted suit, the singer can be seen working in a romantic scene with the gorgeous Syra. The two break eye-contact as the director asks them for a re-take and right on cue, the two throw a starry tantrum.



In the next dimension, we see the Aadat singer in an argument with a woman, presumably his wife, played by Mansha. The two are embroiled in an argument as a child sits in the back. The rift causes Atif to lose control of the car, resulting in an accident.

In the final dimension, we see Atif who could be seen defeated and broken. Just as he walks towards an unknown location in an alley, he is caught up in a mugging attempt and we see Gohar as the notorious robber. In a failed attempt to rob the man, the two wrestle, which results in Atif being shot. In the last dimension, we see an Atif who was left to die – alone and in dark.

The song, directed by Yasir Jaswal, is beautifully shot. Raat encapsulates the essence of how anything and everything is possible in the darkness of the night.

“The night is as beautiful as it is mysterious,” reads the tagline of the song and the video appears to do justice to it. The music of the song has been composed by Atif while the lyrics have been penned by Aslam and Munir Niazi.

Meanwhile, fans are thoroughly enjoying Aslam’s new song.

Veteran cricketer, Shoaib Malik also praised Atif and the song.

“Best of luck sir for Raat,” wrote Malik on social media. “Great composition. It has a very positive feel to it. Simply loving it.”

Check out the song here: