The ATM machine of a private bank in Rawalpindi’s R.A. Bazaar allegedly dispensed eight fake currency notes of Rs 1,000 each. The police have booked a case against the bank’s staff, including the manager, and have launched an investigation into the case. The name of the bank has not been revealed.

According to details, one of the account holders of the private bank complained to the police that he had withdrawn cash from an ATM of the bank but eight of the currency notes valuing Rs1,000 each turned out to be fake when he used them for buying groceries.

The complainant said that he lodged a complaint with the bank officials but they paid no heed to him and refused to accept responsibility.


He then went to the police who referred the matter to the State Bank of Pakistan, which directed them to bring a copy of the FIR after that they would take action against the bank.

The police also shared that there were six to seven other victims of this scam.