Ayesha Omar gave a befitting reply to a troll who criticised her for her choice of outfit.

Commenting under a post which talked about how Omar promoted women empowerment by wearing a local label run by two women to the Lux Style Awards, a social media user commented: “If she is promoting women to expose of their body (via such clothes), then that surely is not ‘women empowerment’.”

“Such a misquoted term,” they added.


Responding to the comment, Ayesha wrote: “I’m definitely not promoting/ asking/urging women to expose their bodies. That is their own choice as wearing this dress was mine. As wearing whatever you want is yours.”

Talking about the outfit, Ayesha said: “This dress was sent to me as it is. I had no input in the design, length, structure or type of dress they were making for me. They only asked for my size. They contacted me themselves and sent me this outfit in June.”

The actor continued: “I wasn’t paid to wear or promote it either and was waiting for an appropriate opportunity to wear it. I’m promoting and showcasing their work/talent: the beautiful beaded hand embellishments.”

“If you could look beyond a bit of my limbs showing, it would be nice to appreciate someone’s hard work without being judgmental. Try it. It uplifts both parties.”

Ayesha concluded her note by sharing the meaning of the word empowerment.

In another comment, when a user remarked that such outfits provoke rape cases, Ayesha hit back saying: “Oh so that explains 4-month-old babies, 5-year-olds and 7-year-old girls and being raped?”

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Later, in an Instagram post, Ayesha said that 2020 was a crazy year and she saw many people suffer physically, emotionally and financially which is why she decided to would try and help as many people as she could in whatever capacity.

“One of those ways was to use my social media platforms to promote social causes, NGOs, public service messages and small businesses throughout the year. (completely free of charge),” said the actor. “Every day I would receive quite a few packages, messages and queries and I tried to promote as many products and services as I could.”

Omar has often been criticised for her choice of outfits but she has always clapped back brilliantly.