Komal Aziz Khan, who is currently vacationing in Turkey, had an unpleasant run-in with trolls who are busy criticising her holiday wardrobe.

Under a picture in which Komal is posing at Bodrum in a blue dress, a social media user commented: “Pakistan se baahir jaate hee inki haya saath chor dyti hai, ye baat samajh nahi aati kyu (I don’t understand why their shame leaves them when they step out of Pakistan).”

In response, Komal commented: “Because we feel safer abroad in wearing what we want and travelling alone. We meet less judgmental and hateful people like you, who misuse religion as an excuse to judge and spread hatred.”


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Komal’s colleagues and peers including Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ayesha Omar and journalist Maria Memon lauded the actor for her response and agreed with her comments.

Do you agree with Komal?