Yasir Hussain appeared with his wife Iqra Aziz on The Couple Show, hosted by Aagha Ali and Hina Altaf. The Jhooti star said on the show that Azfar Rehman thinks that he’s a great actor but he’s absolutely not.

Amongst the many questions that were asked from Yasir, one required him to name an actor who thinks he is a really good performer, but actually is not.

The Lahore Se Aagay actor replied: “Azfar Rehman! Azfar thinks he is a very good actor but he isn’t a good actor at all.”


In another interview, talking about his “controversial” comments, he said that, “I went on a show and was asked some controversial questions. They told me that if I will not answer the questions then I have to drink some spicy drinks. I had no other option but to answer those questions – it was either that or I give myself a stomach ulcer. I even took my name or their name to play safe but they told me saying that taking our or your name is not allowed. So I had to take some names.”