Information Minister from Punjab Azma Bukhari recently appeared in an Eid interview with Geo Pakistan where she was asked about Chief Minister Punjab and her Party’s (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz’s looks and styling.

To this she replied, “I can categorically say that she just applies a thing or two on her face (cosmetics) and gets simple lawn dresses worth 700-800 stitched and wears them.” Azma further added that “it is not about the cost of the items but the way you carry them,” adding that she is inspired by Maryam Nawaz because she carries the clothes well.

The video surfaced on social media a day earlier and has taken the net by storm as people are grilling Azma for being so oblivious of current prices.


A number of users commented that not even a lawn shirt cost 800 now let alone a whole dress. Some quipped that they want the address of the place Maryam Nawaz gets her dresses from.

Many other lambasted Azma by pointing out the expensive collection of shoes and bags Maryam Nawaz uses on daily basis which are worth hundreds of dollars.

A user commented that CM Punjab should suffix the cheap dresses with costly bags and shoes actually.

On her oath-taking as Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam wore a dress worth Rs. 60,000.

She donned a Saira Habib dress paired with Dior sandals at the oath-taking of her uncle Shehbaz Sharif on his oath-taking ceremony as Prime Minister of Pakistan. The look in totality is worth way more than Rs800 contradictory to what Azma claimed.

Maryam Nawaz is famous for her styling and her daily looks are a topic of discussion all over on social media.