A dramatic incident unfolded at the city court in Karachi when a baby monkey managed to escape while being brought alongside 13 other monkeys by the Sindh Wildlife Department, reported Geo News.

Two individuals responsible for transporting the monkeys were arrested by the authorities for violating provincial wildlife laws. The suspects were brought before the district and sessions court on Thursday, which fined them Rs100,000 and ordered to hand over the baby monkeys to the zoo.

The monkeys were being kept in wooden mango crates, and one clever little monkey managed to escape the confines of its container. The baby monkey sought refuge on a tree, proving to be quite elusive due to its small size and agility, making it challenging for the rescue team to catch. The Sindh Wildlife Department stated that they would continue their rescue operation the next day (Friday), which is today, in an effort to capture the baby monkey still at large in the city court area.


The department had recovered them during a search of a passenger bus arriving in Karachi from Charsadda. The monkeys were suspected to have been illegally captured from the forests in Charsadda.

Authorities are working diligently to ensure the safety and welfare of these rescued monkeys, aiming to return them to their natural habitats or appropriate care facilities.