Actor and model Nadia Hussain appeared on Waseem Badami’s show Har Lamha Purjosh for the Masoomana Sawal segment.

On being asked about her spat with the grooming mogul, Nabila, the Chupke Chupke diva explained the entire controversy to the host.

She stated that the problem was that Nabila blocked me after my reply and hence the communication stopped, hence I had to take it in the public domain. “Usne mujhe neecha dikhana chaha or badtamizi ki.” (She misbehaved with me and wanted to degrade me.)


She also confessed that Nabila has still not unblocked her.

In May 2021, she shared a screenshot of Nabila’s message to her in which she has accused Nadia of copying the idea for her newly launched ‘Go makeup Palette,’ from Nabila’s ‘Zero makeup palette’.

The Benaam star also accused Nabila of blocking her on WhatsApp and Instagram. The screenshot of Nabila’s text stated, “Don’t you have brain of your own?”

“For someone of Nabila’s repute, to stoop so low and send me such an underhanded message on the launch of my GO makeup palette is just beyond me,” wrote Nadia.

She went on to clarify that how her product is different from Nabila’s product, “My item may be similar but surely the concept is totally different, she has no copyright on such a design, many many international brands have such similar travel makeup kits and also that my product itself offers much much more in comparison to her zero makeup kit.”

The Jalan diva also attached screen recording of her pervious conversation with Nabila to prove the authenticity of her claims.

 She continued, “Surely my GO makeup palette rocks and surely it has rocked her boat.”