Religious scholars (ulema) have condemned the rape of a girl in a seminary in Rawalpindi and demanded that perpetrators of such detestable crimes should be given punishment in public through speedy trial, reported Dawn.

In a joint declaration issued after attending a consultative meeting, ulemas expressed grief over the rising incidents of child abuse and women harassment in Pakistan and said that the prime minister and chief justice of Pakistan should take immediate action against the culprits and order their speedy trials.

They urged the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), and Ministry of Information to block porn websites and pornographic and nude content and advertisements on social media.


The joint declaration said that the rules of Shariah are clear for both men and women. It is obligatory for both men and women to cover themselves properly and avoid obscenity and nudity. Shariah does not allow a man to touch or harass a woman, the declaration said.

The joint declaration said that the rising incidents of abuse and harassment of boys and girls and the state of fear and intimidation prevailing among women demand from all sections of society, especially the government and judiciary, to ban and close all such sources responsible for spreading obscenity and nudity in society.