Actor and model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak has talked about how artists in the entertainment industry often face tough criticism. She shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, explaining the challenges and pressures that content creators deal with. She asked for empathy and understanding from everyone in the community.

In her message, the actress from ‘Beti’ talked about how some artists face judgment and negativity because they quickly become famous or make certain artistic choices. “Even if I don’t like the work of many content creators, I believe that when God gives someone fame and wealth, I shouldn’t question why they have it.”

Saheefa talked about her own experiences defending another artist who was criticized for becoming successful quickly and charging high fees. She said, “I got many direct messages from people worried about quick fame, not being a real artist, asking for too much money, and getting everything too easily.”


Saheefa talked about how the entertainment industry changed, especially in marketing and branding after COVID-19. She said, “Influencers and content creators now have big roles in building brand images and increasing sales. We’ve seen a change where influencers are now being invited to major award shows and screenings, something that wasn’t common before.”

The actor also said it’s important to stick to your values and respect other artists. “I may not always agree with the content someone makes. But I think every artist, YouTuber, or influencer should be honest in what they create,” Saheefa said. She also talked about the need for artists to support and respect each other, “As an artist, it’s my duty to respect other artists and help them as much as I can.”

She added, “When you say bad things about other artists or criticize them in your posts, it’s not good.” Saheefa talked about feeling envious and frustrated when she sees others succeed. “Sometimes I feel frustrated too when I don’t get as much work as others, when I don’t see myself as successful as them, or when I don’t earn as much money. But each time, I remind myself that as a person, I can only work hard, pray, and hope for better things to come,” she said.

The 35-year-old ended her post by telling her followers and friends to try to improve themselves instead of feeling jealous. She said, “When we see someone succeed, we can feel jealous and want what they have, and that’s normal. It’s tough to watch someone achieve what you wanted for yourself; that’s true.”

“But let me finish by saying that as a person, you can only do your best, and you should work to improve yourself.” Her message has connected with many in the industry, leading to talks about the importance of supporting different forms of artistic expression without being judgmental.