Model Bella Hadid, a vocal advocate of women’s rights and the rights of Palestinians, criticized the discrimination faced by Muslim women in India and elsewhere.

Taking to Instagram, the supermodel shared multiple news items from several countries and wrote, “In other forms of discrimination: I urge France, India , Quebec, Belgium, and any other countries in the world who are discriminatory against Muslim women, to rethink what decisions you have made or are trying to make in the future about a body that is not yours.”

She added, “It’s not your job to tell women what they should or shouldn’t wear, especially when it is pertaining to faith and safety.



It’s not your job to tell women whether or not they can STUDY or PLAY SPORTS, ESPECIALLY when it is pertaining to their faith and safety. Hijabi women in France are not allowed to wear their Hijab to school, to play sports, to swim, even on their ID pictures. You can’t be a civil worker or work in hospitals with a Hijab. To get an internship, most universities will say, the only way to get one is to take off the hijab. It’s ridiculous and really shows how Islamophobic the world is without even acknowledging it. In regards to these new Bills that are either in the process of being passed , or have already.”

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has also appreciated Bella Hadid’s Instagram post.

Bella Hadid calls out India for banning hijab