American supermodel Bella Hadid used her platform at the Cannes Film Festival to show solidarity with her ancestral land, Palestine. She wore a vintage dress with a red and white chequered pattern, similar to the traditional Palestinian keffiyeh scarf. The outfit was a powerful statement of support for the Palestinian people.

A bold representation of resilience The keffiyeh, a traditional headscarf from the Middle East, has become a strong symbol of Palestinian identity and resistance. Its unique pattern has been seen on famous people, protesters, and even in political settings around the world, showing support for Palestine.

In keeping with her heritage, Hadid whose father Mohamed Hadid is Palestinian, stepped out on the French Riviera donning an old Michael and Hushi outfit. Hadid has long been an advocate of the ‘Free Palestine’ cause.Hadid rocked a vintage dress made from traditional Palestinian keffiyeh fabric, complete with tassels, from the 2001 runway. She kept the look simple yet chic with red sandals, a hair scrunchie, tinted sunglasses, and gold hoops (earnings)Reposting a picture of the dress from the designer’s original post on her Instagram story, Hadid reaffirmed her support for Palestine with the caption “Free Palestine forever.”