Fashion designer Alana Hadid, who is the sister of supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, has started a film production and distribution company called Watermelon Pictures, according to Deadline. Watermelon Pictures aims to be a Palestinian-owned independent film label. It plans to support filmmakers from all over the world who are not well-represented in the industry, with a focus on cultural diversity and social issues.

Watermelon Pictures, as mentioned on its website, is committed to giving a voice to those often overlooked in the film world. The company wants to share stories that haven’t been told before and believes in using creative expression to make a difference in society.

Their first project, a documentary called ‘Walled Off’, focuses on the ‘Walled Off’ Hotel in Bethlehem. This hotel, facing the Israeli West Bank barrier wall, is a special place financed and thought up by famous British street artist Banksy. It stands as a symbol of artistic resistance against political challenges.


A lot of famous people are working together on the documentary Walled Off, including Anwar Hadid, who is Alana Hadid’s brother. Roger Waters from Pink Floyd is also part of the team. Plus, Kweku Mandela, who is Nelson Mandela’s grandson, is helping with the production.
Alana, who is the Creative Director of Watermelon Pictures, shared her vision for the company,: “We want to make a place where voices that often get ignored can be heard. We want people to express themselves creatively against unfairness. With our films, we hope to teach and inspire people all around the world to stand up against injustice.”

Watermelon Pictures isn’t just about supporting important causes; it also celebrates Palestinian culture as a big part of who they are. They’re proud of Palestinian heritage and want to show how vibrant and strong it is. That’s why they chose a watermelon as their symbol because it shares colors with the Palestinian flag.

As Watermelon Pictures starts sharing different stories and encouraging important conversations, they’re making a big effort to include everyone. Their work is a big step towards making sure everyone’s voices are heard in the movie world.