Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif has called Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan the “Biggest liar on earth”.

In an interview with The Guardian, Shehbaz Sharif stated that Khan was responsible for injecting poison into society to “Dangerously polarise the electorate” after he was ousted from office earlier this year.

Shehbaz termed Khan “A liar and a cheat” whose policies had left the economy in ruins. “Khan ran on an anti-corruption manifesto, of conducting the country’s affairs to suit his own personal agenda in a manner which can be only described as the most inexperienced, self-centred, egotistical, immature politician in the history of this country,” said the premier.


Mincing no words while talking about the recent leaked audios, the Prime Minister said that they were “An irrefutable endorsement that he [Khan] is the biggest liar on the face of the earth. I’m not saying this with a sense of glee but a sense of embarrassment and concern. My country’s image has been been damaged hugely by these lies told out of mean personal interest.”

Shehbaz said Khan had to be held accountable for these “conscious criminal acts”.

The prime minister highlighted the significant challenges he has to deal with alongside Khan mobilising on the streets, building a narrative against the government.

“Never before was I concerned about our country’s future,” stressed the PM, blaming Imran Khan for injecting “Ifinite amount of poison in this society and made it hugely polarised as never before … he is distorting facts and creating hate.”

Discussing his brother Nawaz Sharif’s, involvement in government, Shehbaz Sharif was diplomatic. “Of course I consult Nawaz, he is my leader and my older brother,” he said. “But he has given me completely free rein to make decisions,”‘ he insisted.

Commenting on Khan’s criticism of dynastic politics in Pakistan, the premier said, “It’s about competence: it’s about public support, it’s about people’s trust,” he said. “It’s not about dynasty.”

Prime Minister Shehbaz also highlighted how several world leaders, who he [Shehbaz] refused to name, had personally raised questions on Khan’s conduct. “Some leaders told me in person about his personality,” said the PM. “They told me he was rude, he told lies and he is a ‘narcissist’, quote unquote.”