Actor Bilal Qureshi has become the latest Pakistani celebrity who thinks he has the right to tell women what to wear. In an interview laden with problematic quotes, he requested actresses in the industry not to wear revealing clothes at any event.

Talking on Ahmed Fozan’s podcast, Qureshi elaborated on some of his previous statements.

Bilal Qureshi made a comment on social media while praising actress Dur e Fishan Saleem’s dress at an award show which went viral. He said, “The best dressed lady at LSA”


On his viral comment, the actor explained, “I feel that actresses should not opt for revealing clothes.” He went on to say that he doesn’t want to get into religious discussions but believes in following and respecting cultural norms, stressing that women can appear beautiful and graceful in modest clothing.
The statement in itself is strange, because beauty and grace are perceived differently by everyone. Modest clothing does not ensure beauty or grace, neither does clothing of any other sort.

Bilal then pointed out that his wife, Uroosa Qureshi, and his sisters always look good without revealing their skin.

We are glad that the women in his family look good, but really, his opinions do not matter to the vast majority of women.

“One of my fellow actresses shared a picture of herself in inappropriate clothes on social media, on which she was upset because of the criticism, so I told her that she should not share this picture on social media. If your dress is really against our cultural norms then people will necessarily criticize it.”