Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan’s sequel to their superhit song Baari premiered on Sunday.

The song titled Uchiyaan Deewaran (also known as Baari 2) has been written, composed and directed by Bilal. Rahim Pardesi and Hamid Ali Naqeebi have a special appearance in the song.

“Baari was a narration of the feelings of plenty of us – the heartbroken and the hopeful. We all found a little bit of a reflection of our own stories in it,” reads the song’s official description. “It’s been a year and our stories have evolved. So let’s find out if our stories still match with theirs.”


“When you are really in love, you become vulnerable and insecurities come out of nowhere. Don’t ever let those insecurities ruin your relationship no matter what you see,” said Bilal, while talking about the song.

Uchiyaan Deewaran opens with Pardesi introducing his bride-to-be to Bilal. When Bilal asks for his mithai and Rahim goes down to his car to bring the sweets, Bilal and Rahim’s fiancé start talking. In the meantime, Momina comes to her rooftop and sees the two engrossed in conversation. She jumps to the conclusion that Bilal is interested in the other girl.

This breaks her heart and through the song, Momina expresses her grief of being betrayed once again and shares why she is afraid of opening up her heart.

The song then follows the two as they remain estranged from one another due to misunderstandings. However, they soon realise the truth and admit their feelings to one another ending the song on a happy note.

Uchiyaan Dewaraan is a soft and melodious tune which is bound to strike a chord in your heart. Shot in the heart of old Lahore, the music video of the song is also very aesthetically pleasing and romantic. Listen to the song here:

The song is loved and shared by the fans on all platforms of social media. Here are some reactions of people on twitter: