The latest survey by Pulse Consultants shows that the perception of boycotting products or companies supporting Israel has decreased in Pakistan.

Three surveys conducted from November 5 to December 14 revealed that Pakistani consumers’ opinion of boycotting Israeli products dropped significantly from 83 percent in November to 60 percent in December.

A Pulse Consultants survey found that 83 percent of a total of 1,224 sampled on November 5 supported the idea of a boycott, while the latest poll conducted on December 14 showed that only 60 percent of a total of 1,206 sampled supported a boycott of the products.


According to the survey, boycott sentiments are relatively high in females who are decision-makers for domestic brands as compared to the males of Pakistan.

The upper class and upper middle class are more in favor of boycotting than the middle class and lower class of Pakistan. The survey revealed that the most boycotted products are carbonated soft drinks, followed by fast food chains, chips and snack brands, juices, soaps, toothpaste, etc.

A recent poll conducted from December 8 to 14 found that 60 percent of people supported the idea of boycotting products that support Israel.

It is important to note that the boycott is part of an international campaign known as the BDS movement. It is to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel, called BDS for short.