British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has been asked to leave the job by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday morning. This is the second time Braverman has been removed from her post. She resigned from Liz Truss’s government after she broke the ministerial code. She got restored by Rishi Sunak a week later, as he took over the government. 

Braverman ignited a public storm by criticising pro-Palestine marches as “hate marches”, triggering backlash for what critics are calling dog-whistles to Britain’s far-right for taking on the marches on Armistice Day. Last week, Ms. Baverman wrote a piece in a newspaper where she accused the police of “playing favorites”, criticising the Metropolitan Police’s handling of what she called a “pro-Pleastine mob”.

Critics, from both opposition parties and fellow Tory MPs, called Ms. Braverman’s comments “offensive” and “inflammatory”.


Her dismissal was met with an over joyous response on social media. 

A user celebrated her dismissal with words like, “Long Live Palestine.”

Another claimed it to be “good riddance Cruella”

Someone appreciated the fact that “what a great way to start the week”.

Former cabinet minister and member of the House of Lords, Saeeda Warsi posted “Hoping and praying this morning for the appointment of a sane set of Cabinet ministers – our country desperately needs some grown-ups back in charge.”

A rather British response was centered around her demeaning the British police as her biggest mistake.


 Others see the decision as a big blow to Sunak’s PMship.