A British student of fashion and arts lost her collection of sketches but miraculously found all her work, thousands of miles away, in Pakistan.

BBC reports that 20-year-old Grace Hart was worried that she would not get into the university where she applied for admission when her mother accidentally discarded her portfolio required for her admission. But a year later, she found out that her artwork was being sold in a charity shop in Lahore.

A photographer who came across her work in the city, found Hart on Instagram and sent it all back.


The chain of events took place while she was putting together her portfolio for an application for a fashion degree at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Hart’s artbooks got mixed up with the things her family was donating to a charity shop.

“I was stressing so much, because those art books were the only thing I had that proved I did work at school,” she told BBC. But fortunately, Hart had pictures of her art which she was able to send to the university and got accepted.

Fashion photographer Tajwar Munir from Lahore found her work in a thrift store and messaged Hart. Initially, however, she thought that the message was a scam and did not respond.

Months later, the international delivery arrived and she got back her lost art work.

“I’ve always taken a lot of pride in my art,” she said. “It was very upsetting when I realised it had gone missing.”

Her mother recalls that they “had searched everywhere”.

“I did feel sick. I was absolutely gutted. Grace is really talented and her artwork is amazing. I started to panic and thought, ‘What is she going to do for university?'”

She asserted that everyone should extensively check bags before discarding them or giving them away.

“I never expected in a million years that we would get her artwork back, but it does restore your faith in humanity,” she said.