A video of a British tourist harassing a chicken seller for keeping chickens in a cage has sparked outrage in Morocco.

The tourist was caught on camera yelling and biting a chicken vendor in Morocco, sparking a debate about local customs and privileged tourists.

The minute-long clip was taken in a marketplace in Tangier and shows a woman with a British accent surrounded by locals as they try to stop her breaking the seller’s cages with chickens in it. The woman launched a foul-mouthed rant while pushing and shoving at locals. After calling the locals illiterate, she climbed on top of the plastic chicken cage and tried to wrench it open, before biting a trader’s hand.


In a second video, the woman tries to punch the chicken seller in the face before trying to grab at the cages again. She thrashes at anyone trying to stop her before the video cuts off.

Following a lengthy struggle, she was eventually detained by the crowd and handed over to the police, who reportedly took her to a hospital to be treated for ‘hysteria’ rather than arrest her.

The incident has caused outrage in Morocco, with some accusing the woman of a contemptuous attitude to the local culture.