On Monday, three young girls were found dead in their house in Muzaffargarh district, Punjab. They were first reported missing when during the evening 11-year-old Areesha went out to search for her sisters, Fatima, 7, and Zahrah, 8, after they didn’t come back home. Areesha then didn’t return herself.
The family reported the missing girls to the police, who found the girls’ decapitated bodies in a deserted government quarter located in the same colony.

Punjab Inspector General of Police, Dr Usman Anwar, announced that the police was taking immediate action to arrest the ones responsible.

According to the District Police Officer Hasnain Haider, the police have arrested the three elder brothers of the slain sisters for being the perpetuators of the crime. One of the brothers, Basit, has confessed to the killing, saying that he had taken the girls to an empty house where he slaughtered them.


Basit cited his mental health as the motivation behind the grisly murders, as Haider revealed to the media that the killer was under stress to repay loans that he had taken from some people.

According to news sources, the police revealed they had recovered the murder weapon, a long knife, from the killer.

The DPO further told a news channel that police were interrogating the entire family.