Sanda police have arrested a man who reportedly dug up the graves of three children, took the bodies out, and called their parents to rebury them “properly”.

After the police investigated the matter, the man, identified as Usman alias Mani, was found to have dug up a number of graves. He claims that he was directed by “voices” to commit the act.

As the parents found out about what the man had done, they hurried to the graveyard where the bodies were lying outside of the graves.


As soon as the police were informed, the administration of the graveyard was alerted, and Usman was later arrested.

Police have called in a senior psychologist who declared Usman mentally unstable after questioning and examining him.

A case has, nonetheless, been lodged against Usman under section 297 of the Pakistan Penal Code (trespassing of burial places ) and the inquiry is to continue.