The Punjab Transport Department (PTD) has announced that it will increase the fares of non-AC buses in response to the rising prices of diesel and petrol.

This decision will place an additional burden on the poor, as fares will increase by more than 250 per cent. The new fares for both inter and intra-city non-AC bus services will be implemented from April 25th.

The fare for non-AC bus services operating between different cities will increase by 233 per cent to 267 per cent. Additionally, an increase of up to 267 per cent in the fares of non-AC buses and wagons has also been approved.


Under the new policy, passengers travelling one to four km will see an increase from Rs14 to Rs47, a difference of Rs33.

This fare hike will also make it more expensive for passengers to return to their cities from native towns, particularly after Eid-ul-Fitr.