Bushra Ansari, one of the most famous actors, writers, and singers in the industry, and Iqbal Hussain, a long-time actor turned successful Pakistani director, caught people’s attention in 2019 when rumors of their marriage spread in the media industry. Though they neither confirmed nor denied the news, they were frequently seen together at various events, including Nida Yasir’s brother’s wedding.

Recently, Bushra Ansari posted a vlog on her YouTube channel discussing her second marriage to Iqbal Hussain. In the vlog, she introduced her husband to her YouTube followers, who had expressed concerns about her being lonely. Bushra Ansari and Iqbal Hussain also talked about a stigma in Eastern society where marrying an older woman is seen as wrong.


Bushra Ansari said “Iqbal Hussain proposed to me while we were shooting for Seeta Bhagri. He said, ‘Since we both live alone, we should get married.’ Marrying him was a tough decision for me. Even though I had been divorced, I never announced it. It took me a year and a half to decide to marry someone younger than me. He had been divorced long before me.”

Iqbal Hussain said, “Bushra Ansari’s family and friends helped me make this decision. They convinced her because Bushra wasn’t agreeing to it. Sumbul Apa, Neelum Aapa, Asma Abbas’s husband, all supported us greatly. Bushra Ansari also mentioned that Rubina Ashraf, Behroze Sabzwari, Badar Khalil, Sultana Siddiqui, and all her friends supported our decision. We also told our kids, who are abroad, about our decision to move forward in life, and they are happy about it.”

Iqbal Hussain stated, “If two people have the option and there are no family clashes, they should choose marriage without making it a big deal. Additionally, society should normalize marrying an older lady.”

Here’s the detailed interview: