Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) President Abdul Aleem Khan appeared on Geo News programme Jirga with Saleem Safi on Tuesday, making startling revelations about former Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar.

During the show, the former Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) leader read out old whatsapp conversations with PTI chairman Imran Khan.

Here is a transcript of the Whatsapp conversation between Imran Khan and Aleem Khan:


16 January 2022:

Imran Khan: Why is Samaa conducting a campaign against Buzdar? Don’t you know it’s hurting PTI more than him?

Aleem Khan replied to Khan’s message by sending him the twitter trend “corrupt buzdar” and wrote “I know your love for him but unfortunately he is definitely both corrupt and incompetent. Whatever he is doing in Punjab is bringing bad name to you.

“You were our only hope and you are letting it go only because of some stupid corrupt man.”

To which Khan said Aleem Khan to quote an incident where Buzdar was indulging in corruption. “Tahir Khurshaid was corrupt and removed. Can you give me one concrete example of his corruption?”

To which Aleem said: ” Sir today you are prime minister you don’t need me to verify. Ask ISI’s special branch (Intelligence Bureau) IB, you will have thousands.

“For me, I have given my ten years with full honesty and commitment to a man I still believe was honest and trustworthy and the only man who could have taken our country to heights,” said Aleem Khan in the text.

“I just feel humiliated when I see my party going down everyday because of one man, and I am not a hypocrite and will always be honest with you.”

To which Imran replied that he had asked IB to investigate allegations against the CM. “So far apart from some posting transfers there is nothing. I have asked ISI to give their input also. But Aleem Khan, you know the circumstances in which he was made the CM, yet you have been the most vocal critic of him on every forum.

“How does that help PTI? criticism from within hurts far more than the opposition and unlike Pervaiz Kahttak, he does whatever i tell him.”