The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has successfully recovered a missing pouch containing $9,500, equivalent to Rs2.7 million, belonging to a passenger who arrived in Islamabad from the United States.

Anwar Aman and his family arrived in Islamabad via flight QR-632, as confirmed by a CAA official. Upon retrieving his bags from the belt in the lounge, he inadvertently left his handbag on the chair.

At around 2:30 am, Aman left the welcome area with his belongings. However, upon returning to the airport at 3 am, he discovered that his pouch was missing. After an unsuccessful attempt to locate the pouch himself, he reported the matter to the authorities and requested that CCTV footage be checked. Unfortunately, there was no CCTV surveillance in the location where the pouch was lost.


Subsequently, the Adviser to the Prime Minister, Aun Chaudhry, was contacted, and CAA Vigilance Assistant Rab Nawaz was instructed to investigate the matter through CCTV footage. The CAA team then proceeded to check each passenger with the help of cameras, and a particular family was suspected. As a result, data was collected from the female passenger and her other family members, and the husband of the female passenger in the UK was contacted and informed of the entire incident.

Eventually, the CAA team was able to recover the pouch containing $9,500 from the woman. The currency, worth Rs2.7 million, was then handed over to its owner, Anwar Aman.