Kenyan media is raising question on the death of Pakistani Journalist Arshad Sharif.

“Was it a case of mistaken identity or was it a case of assassination of a journalist known as a sharp critic of the Pakistani government?” a television news report broadcasted on a Kenyan news channel asked.


The report states that on the night of October 23, Arshad Sharif, accompanied by his ‘brother’ Khurram Ahmed, left a farm owned by his friend.

At Kamukuru Road, the car he was travelling was shot at. The police statement admitted that they had opened fire on the vehicle, stating that the incident was a case of mistaken identity.

The Questions the report asked:

Did the police attempt to stop the vehicle and did the occupants defy the orders?

Why did the police open fire even though the occupants of the car were not shooting at that time?

Why did not the police shoot at the tyres to immobilize the car instead of using lethal force?

Why did the police aim at the passenger and not the driver?

Why did the police open fire when they suspected that a child was on board the vehicle that was reportedly carjacked?

If the vehicle was commonly seen on that road then what caused the mistaken identity?

How did the police confuse KDG 200M and a KDG 700F number plates? What was the colour and model of the vehicle that was carjacked?

Arshad Sharif died on Sunday night in Kenya in a reported shooting incident. He was killed after being hit by a bullet in the head as his car crossed a police blockade. Admitting to the killing, Kenyan police has called it an incident of ‘mistaken identity’.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has called Kenya’s President  William Ruto and asked for a conclusive investigation into the incident.