Happy Hearthrob Day Pakistaniyon! Fawad Khan is turning 42 today and will remain the reason why we keep winning the dilf game against India. But aside from his good looks, the actor has won over audiences with his performances. Whether it is playing a swoon-worthy prince, a ferocious warrior, or even a dorky villager, he’ll pull you in and keep you glued to your screen. Aap haar man lo bas.

Chalien phir aaj National Heartthrob Day hai aka Fawad Khan’s birthday, we’re celebrating it with our favourite five roles that prove he will keep ageing like fine wine.

Khoobsurat (2014)


Yes we know, the film was a flop. But holy moly Fawad outshone like nothing else. He had limited screen time compared to Sonam, but created a cult following on the internet that has Indian fans, to this day, pleading with their government to give this man an exception and cast him in another Bollywood rom com. And yes, we’re also adding in a TikTok that proves why the film established a cult following online.

Kapoor and Sons (2016)

If critics thought Fawad only had the ability to work as eye candy on the screens, this film singlehandedly proved them wrong. The actor played a closeted writer Rahul Kapoor, who arrives back at his home to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday and also navigate fragile relations with his family.

Dastaan (2010)

Dastaan is celebrated today as one of the best dramas to come out of Pakistan, and Fawad cemented his role as a promising actor with his performance as Hassan. He plays a man who is deeply in love with Bano (played by Sanam Baloch), but both are tragically split apart due to the partition when she is forced into a marriage with a Sikh man.

Akbari and Asghari (2011)

Don’t call yourself a Fawad stan if you don’t remember this hilarious gem of a drama. Fawad had a small role as Akbari’s dorky husband from the village, but he still wins hearts for his comedy skills and hilarious acting.

Humsafar (2011)

Yes yes coming to the drama that made Fawad into the household name he is today. Ashar will continue to tower over all the leading men on our screens, and the reason behind this entirely is how Fawad enlarged the role with his seductive looks and charm. We were all Khirad every single time he stepped into the screen. And just to keep the fans happy, here is a TikTok of him in the serial.