A six-year-old boy Musa refused to wear glasses because bullies at his school made fun of him. Musa’s father, Zeeshan shared a picture of his little boy on Twitter and asked netizens how his son looks in glasses. In a heartwarming turn of events, Twitter, including celebrities cheered on little Musa and told him that he looks super cute in glasses.

Musa took the words of his school bullies to heart and was “very upset” when he was targeted for his glasses. He was hesitant to wear his glasses so his father decided to “ask the world” how his son looks in them.

Musa’s tweet soon went viral and people from across the world, including celebrities like Pooja Bhatt, Zartaj Gul, Adnan Siddiqui, Imam ul Haq, Mohammad Amir and Feroze Khan sent him words of love and encouragement.


Some users even reminded Musa of all the superheroes who wear glasses and look incredibly cool.

The tweet also caught Adnan Siddiqui’s attention, who said: “Musa you not only look great in glasses, but I can see a bright future ahead of you through the sparkle in your eyes!”

The actor also made a collage of himself and Musa and said: “Specs are the cutest thing one can wear. They show that you are an avid reader, that you love books and also up your cool quotient.”

“Hello Musa, [I] am a fan of ur glasses. You look so adorable in them. Wear ‘em to give me company too,” added the actor.

Feroze Khan too encouraged the little boy, saying: “Man!!! Mooossssa! You vibing so hard kid! You look so Good!!!”

Meanwhile, Zeeshan later updated that Musa read some of the comments and is very happy.

“I showed him some of the comments before he left for school today. Can’t explain how happy he is. Thank you very much for overwhelming response,” said the happy father.