Actor Muneeb Butt has taken a jibe at senior journalist Gharida Farooqi, for stating her stance on Imran Khan’s Karachi Jalsa (gathering).

Gharida took to her twitter handle and shared the video of PTI’s Karachi jalsa, See for yourself Jinnah Garden is completely empty. There is more crowd around the stage. In a city of more than 20 million, 20,000 to 25,000 people attended the rally. Agency reports have arrived. Video of Imran Khan present in the hall. The closer you get to the stage, the better the impression.”

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Earlier the Daldal star took to his social media handles to condemn PML-N and its leaders who are the front runners to form a government after Imran Khan’s ouster.

The Baandi hero stated that imported government is unacceptable to him adding the hashtag of, #BeggarsCantBeLeaders.

After the Supreme Court verdict, the Daldal actor stated that now even the public’s legs are shivering, whereas his wife Aiman termed Imran as the true leader.

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Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif. Photo: AFP

When the Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif clarified his statement “Beggars can not be choosers”, which he gave in an interview with a private TV channel on Friday. He said that true freedom can never be achieved without financial independence.

He added that unfortunately, Pakistan is not economically independent, our country is surviving on loans from foreign agencies.

The Baddua star who is PTI supporter took to his Instagram handle to slam Shahbaz Sharif with the hashtag of #BeggarsCantBeChoosers.

Recently Butt lashed out on Reham Khan for her latest tweet about actors supporting Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Writer and former journalist, Reham took a dig at celebrities who are supporting Imran Khan amidst the No-motion battle. The Baddua star was quick to hit back at her by saying that when she produced the Hania Aamir starrer Janaan, she took advantage of being Imran’s wife.