Automotive companies in Pakistan have consistently announced significant price increases since the beginning of 2022, pushing up car prices to the point that those with low incomes cannot even consider sedans from the top or new brands.

However, there are some reasonably priced options on the Pakistani market that buyers can consider. Here are a few cars that are priced under Rs2 million:

Prince Pearl


Prince Pearl may not offer the flashiest interior or the most appealing appearance, but the little hatchback is one of the most affordable vehicles on the local market.

Regal Automobiles, the manufacturer of Prince Pearl is also among the businesses that recently revised car prices.

Prince Pearl’s price has been increased by Rs386,000 by the company from its earlier price of Rs1,534,000 to Rs1,920,000.

Prior to this price increase, Regal Automobiles was renowned for having one of the most affordable car lineups in Pakistan. However, its entry-level vehicle is now almost Rs2 million in price.

Suzuki Alto VX

Suzuki Alto VX (Manual Transmission) is also a good choice. It also has the advantage of being manufactured by a reputable brand.  Despite the fact that the car may not seem very comfortable, this variant is one of the most affordable at less than Rs1.8 million.

Alto is currently available for Rs1,789,000. The mini-hatchback was being sold for Rs1,475,000 prior to a significant price increase of Rs314,000.

United Alpha

Last but not least, the United Alpha, which has a 1000cc engine and costs Rs1,559,000, is the least expensive car on the Pakistani market.

Even though the price of this vehicle is incomparable, potential buyers may evaluate the Alpha’s resale value and parts availability.

Given the lack of options in the Pakistani auto market, these cars are excellent choices for those who are looking for a cheap vehicle.